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The Company

Brandpartners is today one of the most expansive import companies on the Swedish market. Our company is an established supplier to Systembolaget, where we represent several well known brands. Furthermore, Brandpartners, together with the Nordic Duty-free-trading, is also a major supplier to the Swedish restaurant business.

Brandpartners is owned by Addi Suko and  Mattias Grahn, who all have substantial experience in the Swedish wine and spirits market.


”Our business idea can be defined as having close cooperation with both our customers and suppliers, with a view to creating a long-term partnership which will form a stable and profitable foundation for good business on behalf of all parts”.

OUR Co-workers

The ground for success lies with our cooperative workers. They have many years’ experience, including purchasing, sales, marketing and logistics. There are no shortcuts which lead to success on the Swedish market. The special situation in the existing circumstances, for example a mixture of a sales monopoly to private consumers and relatively free sale to restaurants, demands the work experience which we have assembled at Brandpartners. We are concentrated on products, but we also have the insight belief that no company functions without a strong internal structure and strategic thinking. We consider ourselves to be inventive within the wine and spirits area. We want to sell and market these exciting products, not only because we love doing so, but also because we have done it with  major success over a period of several years.


Sweden’s top restaurants look on the wine importers as important collaborators. Those restaurants who find themselves as ‘the cream of the crop’ in terms of quality of raw materials and selection, also seek serious wine suppliers who can meet their demands regarding quality and service. Restaurants that lie just beneath this top layer also want quality, but above all a partner who can give advice, educate, and contribute in various ways to the development of wine lists and drinking concepts. It is restaurants of this class that form Brandpartners’ preliminary category of customers. It is of great significance to Brandpartners that all customers get the support they expect and that Brandpartners can meet the demands which are required for a successful partnership.

Brandpartners is today one of the more established suppliers to Systembolaget, with a number of well-known trademarks in our selection. We work continuously to find new producers whom we can present to Systembolaget.

Duty-free/Travel Retail
Brandpartnersis today a major supplier of the Duty-free-trading market, where we undoubtedly are the market leaders within certain areas. We put a lot of effort into taking the opportunity to market the products we represent, even on a free market, which is something that has been a great success for us over the years

Wholesalers and chains
A wide and strong range/selection, as well as our personal relations on a central level, have made us successful within the wholesale area, together with our chain customers. Today, we are suppliers to some of Sweden’s larger chains clients.


Brandpartners currently represents some of the world’s foremost producers on the Swedish market. We do not settle for this alone, but work continuously and long-termed with expanding our portfolio in order to maintain and strengthen our position as a key supplier(deliverer) to Systembolaget and the hotel and restaurant market.

Apart from quality and good price we look for producers with ”branding” as an important part of the long-term strategy of the producer.
”For us no producer is too big or too small.
Brandpartners will always be where there is quality and fresh ideas.”

We will never become a collector of producers, for we know from experience that profound and long-term collaboration will prevail in the long run.